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Services to Youth

The Links, Incorporated created its first program facet, Services to Youth (STY), to equip black youth to use their intellect and spirit of achievement to become successful and productive citizens.

“The question is not whether we can afford to invest in every child; it is whether we can afford not to.” Marian Wright Edelman.


The words of the great children’s advocate, Marian Wright Edelman, resonates with us today more than ever. The Links, Incorporated is committed to leading the way as a champion of change, ensuring that youth are academically successful and engaged in healthy lifestyles.

The goal of the Greater Hudson Valley (NY) chapter STY facet is to work with our Program Partners to implement transformational programs that provide a foundation for the youth in our communities to thrive both now and along their journey to becoming citizens of excellence within their communities and the world.

Our GHV (NY) STY programs include:

Healthy Snacks and Dinners
GHV (NY) STY partners with the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon to provide healthy snacks and dinners to students to help promote, encourage, and model healthier food alternatives in order to impact the food choices they make and lead to healthier more physically fit children and families.


Books Alive! For Kids®

This program helps to close the achievement gap by focusing on child literacy. GHV (NY) STY members bring books alive by reading fun, engaging, and illuminating books to children at our Program Partner locations and doing fun craft activities that reinforce the messages of the books.



Students are engaged through workshops and activities that are designed to increase their awareness and interest in science, technology, engineering, and math as viable career options.

Garden Gurus - Healing Gardens
Through the creation and maintenance of a garden space, children are engaged in the planning, planting, and harvesting of the vegetation which helps to foster a sense of responsibility, ownership, and control over their environment, as well as encourages healthier eating, teamwork, and confidence.

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