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Chapter Necrology

The members of the Greater Hudson Valley Chapter owe their proud history to the service and dedicated commitment of our members, their spouses and their children. Sadly, we have suffered broken links in our friendship chain over the years but we recognize, pay homage and bestow tribute upon the memories of our deceased Sister Links and Connecting Links who now rest in God’s

Eternal Light:

Link Nellie Thornton   1990
Connecting Link Theodore Edwards 1991
Link Betty Shabazz 1997
Link Betty Graham 2001
Connecting Link Vernon Basnight  2004
Connecting Link Milton Williams 2006
Connecting Link Rev. Dr. Louis H. Wade  2006
Link Alma Herndon Wade   2008
Connecting Link Revis Windham 2009
Link Janice Bowman-Windham 2010
Connecting Link LeRoy Collins 2012
Link Ione Dunkley-Edwards 2012
Connecting Link The Honorable Phillip Roache 2012
Link Annie Wright 2012
Link Alma Russell  2013
Link Dorothy Vereen  2014
Link Betty Dyett  2014
Heir-O-Link Sylvere Marie Hyacinthe  2014
Connecting Link Donald Stukes  2015
Heir-O-Link Maxine Sarjeant Walter  2015
​Heir-O-Link Kuwan J. Christian  2017
Link Jewel R. Moolenaar-Marsh  2017
​Link Joan W. Stukes 2018
Connecting Link Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker  2018
Connecting Link Dr. Robert S. Gibbs   2019
Link Carol Magett 2019
Link Constance Claytor 2019
​Link Shirley Gibbs-Bryant 2020
​Connecting Link David Bond 2020
Link Jacqueline Collins 2020
Heir-O-Link Lawrence Otis Graham  2021
Heir-O-Link Sharyn Dyett 2021
Link Gloria Dabiri 2021

Link Marilyn Keeler Gee 2024

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